Our story

Valpi's current moment is a natural evolution of a company that has been committed from the beginning with the quality of its products and differentiated and personal service. The more than 1,800 clients served and the awards and distinctions won along our journey, support our belief that we are following the correct path.
We believe that practice leads to excellence and, therefore, we are proud of our daily practice and posture, which certainly position us as a reference in our market.

Who we are

We are a company operating locally, but with a focus on the global. We think about tomorrow and the way we want to live each moment as individuals, collective and company inserted in an ever evolving social reality. We opted for sustainable practices, intelligent posture and innovative technologies. Not only to differentiate our projects from others, but to express what we believe in and, in this way, we can positively influence, a little at a time, all those who have contact with us. Nice to meet you, Valpi.

Our team

Valpi is all about efficiency and personality. We are a lean team, but focused on results. We always look for partnerships that complement our team, adding efforts to a high standard result. With a multidisciplinary profile, we like, want and effectively participate in all stages of the projects in which we operate. We are personal, accessible, we value eye to eye. We like to exchange ideas and invent new things, always focusing on practical and intelligent solutions. Meet our partners:

gustavo emer

Civil Engineer and CFP® Financial Administrator

Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the real estate and financial markets, with expertise in investments, development and execution in the real estate sector. A lover of shared housing, innovative business and finance, he is always willing to discuss new ideas and carry them out with others.

daniel flesch

Computer Technician

With over 10 years of administrative experience, it also acts as commercial support. Extensive knowledge in buying and selling real estate and leases. Accounting and legal in the real estate market are some more skills. Passionate about technology and specialist in real estate management.

luís fernando martins

Building technician

More than 10 years of experience in building and operating buildings. Specialist in property adjustments and maintenance. Training in Quality and Safety at Work.
Lover of sustainable construction practices.

Our services

Taking as a starting point the commitment to innovation and sustainability, Valpi created Valpi Coliving, a collaborative housing project that favors interaction and exchange of experiences among its occupants through the use of shared environments.
Active 3
In partnership with SameSide, Valpi offers a Family Wealth Planning service free of conflicts of interest, evaluating with the client the best alternatives for financial or real estate investments that meet their life goals.
Active 1
It is common for companies to reach a plateau, becoming stagnant in policies and procedures that hinder their evolution. An outside view offering alternatives and creative solutions can be an excellent opportunity.
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We provide our expertise and more than 10 real estate projects developed to help in the creation of products, in the assessment of their market and financial viability, bringing growth to the real estate market and civil construction as a whole.
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With a performance based on innovative and sustainable practices, Valpi, throughout its 20 years of operation, has positioned itself as a reference in its segment, offering complete and differentiated products, with personal and differentiated service.

Live in a Valpi

Living in a Valpi means investing in comfort and well-being and, because we have developed in the heart of the South Zone of Porto Alegre, we assimilate the way of living in that region: we value the outdoors, the good times in families and among friends, outings, happy hours ... More than buying a unit in a resort, living in a Valpi is adopting a lifestyle focused on the experiences and rewards that life can provide us. Discover our available units and see the one that best dialogues with your current moment.