Expertise and ethics to build solid, lasting relationships,
and totally free from conflicts of interest.

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The wealth management segment can be a very complex niche, even intimidating at first contact. The various investment options offered with different levels of risk and reward really scare the uninitiated. Thinking to demystify this perception and simplify the relationship of possible investors with the offers available on the market, Valpi, in partnership with SameSide, offers a wealth management service that, analyzing the investor profile, his capacity for involvement and expectation of return, guides its customers to the options that can best serve them.

Asset management done with total freedom from conflict of interest.

It is essential that the company that manages your personal and family assets is completely free from conflicts of interest. In other words: whoever indicates investments should not be committed to the sale of any product from any financial institution, insurance company, developer or any other that can commission or reward it.

Our commitment is to always be at your side, looking for the best solution for you and your interests, and no one else.

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Founding partner of Valpi Group in 2001, he is a Personal Financial Planner CFP® Specialist in the Real Estate Market, assisting clients to organize and intelligently control their resources. Consultant Partner at SameSide. He works in the areas of real estate development, management of developers and construction companies and other matters related to civil construction.


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